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Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

This category became controversial when Barbie was deemed "Adapted" from Mattel's original characters. So all of you who played with these dolls as kids (or still do -- no judgement here) and deemed Ken just a vapid but hot eunuch should rush the stage at the Dolby Theater and demand a co-statue. #imwithherbutnotherhusband

  • Christopher Nolan and friend, Oppenheimer

    • Likely to win, but this is a true story. The movie was made great by acting, directing and editing. I think this one should go elsewhere.

  • Tony McNamara, Poor Things

    • I have to go back and read the book now. Yes, yes, my intellectual friends, I know that's the wrong order. But I am a guy who said "I'm going to read all of Shakespeares works by the time I turn 40" and for the last two decades, everytime I think I should start on a new play, instead I put on the Monty Python sketch about the guy who claims to have written all of Shakespeare's plays (and his wife and he wrote all of the sonnets -- stupid couple's thing again).

  • Greta Gerwig and friend, Barbie

    • I think this should have gone into Original Screenplay so it could lose there to Anatomy of a Fall or The Holdovers, instead of losing here to American Fiction or Oppenheimer.

  • Cord Jefferson, American Fiction

    • This is brilliant writing. It is about writing and, without revealing too much, has a great twist about writing about writing...within the writing, written by the....oh, sod it. Will you please watch this movie? It's really well done!

  • Jonathan Glazer, The Zone of Interest

    • This is the best holocaust movie I've ever seen, and presented in a completely different way. But what made it special is the directing and cinematography and sound.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Worst Dialogue - Kingsman Secret Service
  • Bradley Cooper, Maestro

    • I'm impressed that local boy and fellow Philly sports fan, Mr. Cooper, has so many talents. I do wonder if he isn't trying every category he can think of to win an Oscar. Who do you think you are, a 76ers general manager? Be patient, Brad. It'll happen.

  • Justine Triet & Arthur Harari, Anatomy of a Fall

    • A brilliant story that hints at a twist from the very beginning, but still surprises. And in a murder mystery, it is the writing (along with Sandra Huller's acting) that carries the day.

  • David Hemingson, The Holdovers

    • First Christmas movie to get a Best Picture nod since Miracle in 1947, the writing (along with brilliant acting by Paul Giamatti and Da'Vine Joy Randolph) was the reason. I would not at all be upset to see an upset in this category.

  • Celine Song, Past Lives

    • Not enough people saw this film. Go remedy that. If you like people stories and love stories, this is for you. Get over the subtitles -- you can crunch louder with the popcorn, since you're basically reading.

  • Samy Burch & Alex Mechanik, May December

    • Surprised this didn't get any other noms, particularly since it's a story we all knew (Mary Kay Letourneau, the California teacher who raped her 12-year-old student and later had his baby while she was serving her jail sentence) and it had a great cast. I'd make a "sleeper" sex joke here, if this wasn't such a tragic story. 

Back to the Future
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I'm afraid I can't write like that, Dave.

Oh, and you're all fired.

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