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Documentary (Feature)

In my listings of the nominees, I make an effort to list the names of the people, beyond the actors, who did the work. I skip the convention for the movies (here and Best Picture) because the Producers are the names the Academy highlights. While I'm sure they frequently provide something beyond money, most of the names are just people lucky enough to be able to place good bets on creative types. I also notice a new trend: actors getting Oscar noms for Producing. While I don't begrudge anyone the financial benefits of helping to manage a movie, this is a bit of a dodge to me. Producers are the people who stood there while others did great work. The $$ are the reward. Get off of my award's show!

  • 20 Days in Mariupol

    • An important film from a propaganda perspective (it is shocking to me that there is some political movement afoot that might abandon Ukraine). Also very disturbing to watch, as it should be. Likely to win.

  • Four Daughters

    • I went into this (as I often do) with no prior context. I was shocked and riveted. I hope this wins, but suspect 20 Days will have the day.

  • {to the Gilligan's Island theme song} "...and The Rest"

    • I didn't see them. I will. My boss expects me to get my work done in something like a timely fashion. Needy bugger, he. I am also advised that seeing Society of the Snow will keep me from getting on a plane again. I just got my status back. Greedy bugger, me.

Coming Soon to Documentary, Now!

Trump 91 Indictments.jpg

Next Fall, on Netflix: He's got 91 Indictments and a bitch is just one!

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