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Actress in a Supporting Role

Competitive category -- or at least as competitive as it can be with Dame Judi Dench in the running. I did love her so in Belfast (and even lost sight of the actress despite her long track record and previous win), but I'll be equally satisfied if one of the 30-somethings win at the expense of the octagenarian. They won't.

  • Jessie Buckley, Young Leda in The Lost Daughter

    • Perfectly cast as the younger version of the movie's star, Olivia Colman. You can feel her suffering and selfishness without the sturm und drang usually accompanying acting nominations.

  • Ariana DeBose, Anita in West Side Story

    • Brilliant, despite the fact that we got distracted arguing about whether Anita is related to Maria or not (she's not). Hey, sometimes my skull is thicker than my (New Jersey) accent.

  • Judy Dench, Granny in Belfast

    • I'm rooting for the people who haven't won yet, but I think Dame Judy is a lock. Deserved. The look she gives the camera at the end of the film evokes a visceral reaction I normally only get from great music. Enjoy the hardware, JD.

  • Aunjanue Ellis, "Brandy" Williams, King Richard

    • Rep-rehab film, but a great performance. Will Smith is going to win Best Actor, but the two Willaims sisters make the movie.

  • Kirsten Dunst, Rose Gordon in The Power of the Dog

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(d)emocratic Response

Five great movies that speak to the opportunities in a free society: 

  • Impoverished people who work hard and become world champions. Well, sure not all of them, but it happens. Ok, not frequently.  Ok, rarely.

  • Immigrants from different countries dance together...well, after a few stabbings, true....

  • Differing religions accept one another and live in harmony....well, differing Christian demominations, to be sure

  • Ok, sure -- representative government is messy, but in the end we complain when the other side wins...but we accept the results of.....well, we used to........

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Authoritarian Response

Aunjanue Ellis 

Finally, an inner-city kid pulling herself up by  tennis-shoe straps.

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 1.13.42 PM.png

Still, States United would be better off bombing these cities. Let us know if need help. Practicing in Europe now. Ready for assist.

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