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Actress in a Supporting Role

This year's awards will have fewer surprises than most, largely because of the movies' popularity (hopefully good for ratings) and some truly stand-out performances. Bold names indicate who I believe should win, not who will win (apologies to my newphew who wakes up in the morning and thinks "today is a good day for a prop bet" -- I am no Glenny the Greek).

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  • Emily Blunt, Kitty Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer

    • This might be Ms. Blunt's best work, but she finishes 5th in this voting despite being in the year's best movie.

  • America Ferrera, Gloria in Barbie

    • Beatrice Straight was only on screen for 5 minutes in Network and won a statue. America's speech was the seminal moment for anyone not obsessed with Ryan Gosling (and she apparently took 50 takes to get it right!), but the speech was preach. No hardware. 

  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Mary Lamb in The Holdovers

    • Fell in fandom with Ms. Randolph in Only Murders in the Building. In a well acted film, she was the soul of it. She should, and will win.​

  • Jodie Foster, Bonnie Stoll, Nyad

    • She was terrific, despite the fact that heard more than one commentator call the movie nah-yad.

  • Danielle Brooks, Sofia in The Color Purple

    • Surprised Taraji Henson did not merit a nod. Maybe Sofia is written to be award-forward (I'm looking at you, one-named future Presidential candidate).

Well Meaning Old Man








Biden Nice Guy.jpg

I met Oppie once. A nice kid. He had that friendly, freckled face and was nice to his Aunt Bee! 

Huckster Old Man

Trump Angry Old Man.jpg

I love the Blacks. And they love me. And love being called The Blacks...with a capital 'The'. She does look like a hacker from New Jersey, though. I'm just saying...

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