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Actor in a Supporting Role

My wife gave Jesse Plemons credit that was clearly carried over from our pandemic binge of Friday Night Lights (or "Night Light", as she short-handed it). I was unduly influenced by J.K. Simmons' compelling portrayal of William Frawley.  " go back in there and tell them Troy Kotsur is not going to win. Go ahead. But you can count on just two votes -- your own, and Marlee Matlin's."

Troy Kotsur, Frank Rossi in CODA

    • Deaf since birth, Troy has had a long film and Broadway career. He moved us, made us laugh out loud and made my wife say "You don't look so bad" when we discovered he's 6 years my junior. Picking him for his performance, not just his 'vintage' look.

  • J.K. Simmons, William Frawley in Being the Ricardos

    • We've seen a thing, or two, as well and this performance of a well-known actor is amazing. No hardware, though, because he can't sign (probably due to the drinking).

  • Ciaran Hinds, Pop in Belfast

    • Loved him and everything else about this movie. Distinctive-looking Irish stage actor you may recognize from Munich or the last Harry Potter movies as Albus Dumbledore's brother. He says he is not a comedic guy, so kudos to the writers, I guess, cause Pop had me laughing.

  • Jesse Plemons, George Burbank in The Power of the Dog

    • Donna's choice (see above), but Landry is overshadowed by Benjamin Cummerbund and Krazy Kirsten.

  • Kodi Smit-McPhee, Peter Gordon in The Power of the Dog

    • We wondered why this character was so inept and out of place until the big reveal. Looking forward to more from this capable, hyphenated young actor.

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(d)emocratic Response

One gay character and you vote for deaf Charlie Callas?!? Oh, wait...didn't mean to disparage the hearing-imparied. Cancel me. It's ok.

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Authoritarian Response

How deaf man is valuable to society? Ears no work. He did theater of acting?!? How he hear "you're on"?

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