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Actress in a Lead Role

Not as competitive as Supporting Actress, but still a lot of depth. Disappointed that Viola Davis didn't make it this year -- guess Hollywood is not ready for a second African warrior woman?!? -- but otherwise love these performances, two of which saved otherwise weak movies.

Viola Davis The Woman King.jpg
  • Michelle Yeoh, Evelyn Wang in Everything, Everywhere All at Once

    • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was ground-breaking and a blockbuster in 2000, but none of the actors were nominated, including Michelle. I think we've evolved in our thinking a little since then.

  • Michelle Williams, Mitzi Fabelman in The Fabelmans

    • She has played so many great roles that are so different (My Week with Marilyn; Manchester by the Sea; Brokeback Mountain), the 5 nominations prove out her skills. In this case, a movie I went into with great eagerness fell a little flat, except for Mitzi.

  • Cate Blanchett, Lydia Tar in Tar

    • Quite tired of the sturm und drang from professional musicians, feminists, classical music fans, 400-lb hackers on their beds in New Jersey. When J.K. Simmons won his well-deserved Oscar for Whiplash, playing a tyrannical music professor who drives a student to commit suicide, no one blanched. This performance was brilliant. Leave it at that. BTW, I had an Aunt Blanche. It never seemed funny when I was a kid. Seems fucking hysterical now. I love how comedy perspective can change.

  • Ana de Armas, Norma Jeane in Blonde

    • She was brilliant. Hard to believe this is the same performer who played Marta in Knives Out. She was at least as good as Michelle Williams' portrayal of Norma Jeane, but in a much worse film.

  • Andrea Riseborough, Leslie in To Leslie

    • Loved her in The Death of Stalin (I know you haven't seen that and I know you haven't seen To Leslie. If you only have time for one, pick Stalin. Trust me.)

For Profit...

Sean Hannity On Air.jpg

Keep pumping up these women...they will be coming at you from every angle -- from other universes, even -- holding sticks ranging from conductors' batons to butt plugs. They will even take your lottery winnings. We all know that women don't play the lottery and, even if they did, they aren't good with numbers!

Sean Hannity Off Air.jpg

Wonder if Ainsley would be into an ass-play thrupple with Ana de Armani or whatever... 

For Real...

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