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Actor in a Supporting Role

This is one of the "lock" categories (RDJ is -1000 to win, which I suspect is what most prop bet days are to my nephew). I am ok with him taking the hardware, though I'd put him 4th on my list -- which is why I'm self-banned from Draft Kings.

Robert Downey Jr.jpg
Robert DeNiro.jpg
  • Robert Downey, Jr., Lewis Strauss in Oppenheimer

    • ​Plays a dark character beautifully. Also is getting some support because Tony Stark never got a nod. I'm okay with this, even though I loved three other performances just as much.

  • Mark Ruffalo, Duncan Wedderburn in Poor Things

    • The Hulk gives the breakout performance in this category. In a dark comedy, he gave the best laughs. This would be my choice, if not for the Tony Stark love.

  • Robert DeNiro, William Hale in Killers of the Flower Moon

    • DeNiro can act! Well, I knew he could, but his last half-a-dozen roles were Robert DeNiro doing his Goodfellas persona. This was a great performance is an unevenly directed film.

  • Ryan Gosling, Ken in Barbie

    • Good performance in a surprisingly fun movie. He is Ken, though. Seriously, have any of your seen his junk? That's because...nada. Well, can you prove me wrong?!?

  • Sterling K. Brown, Cifford Ellison in American Fiction

    • By far the best thing this guy has done. I would have no problem awarding him a statue, but the guy formerly of the flying suit stops the SKB train.

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Sterling K Brown.jpg

Kindly Coot

Biden Cool Joe.jpg

I like that these guys take off their shirts. Wanna see me....hey, where'd ya go?!?

King Crab

Trump Business Man.jpg

I like that nice Uncle Hale. Good business man, like me. You have to take take take before you drill drill drill.

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