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International Feature Film

  • Another Round, Denmark

  • Better Days, Hong Kong

    • My Bodyguard from the place we're still pretending is the non-Taiwan democratic version of China.

  • Collective, Romania

    • If you enjoy investigative journalism, this is for you. You surely remember the 2015 fire that killed 26 people (and, fair warning: it shows the film of the fire -- so disturbing, it'll put the thought of Matt Gaetz having sex with teenagers right out of your mind). But this film is about the 38 people who died after the fire. As difficult as it sounds, it will remind you that there are still good journalists in the world.

  • The Man Who Sold His Skin, Tunisia

    • I have not recovered from 1981's unwatchable Tattoo (and poor Maud Adams having to deal with Bruce Dern claiming they actually had sex on screen -- again, squeezing out 

  • Quo Vadis, Aida?, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Yeah, I know you're not going to watch a movie with a Latin title from a country you didn't know existed. 

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